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About Respond

Working with our Local Community

Delivered by the Health Promotion team at Mansfield District Hospital and Mansfield Shire Council, MANSFIELD RESPOND is a community led, place-based approach to improving the health and well being of local children, as well as the wider community, through a series of tailored projects.


Driving positive change...

...from the ground up.

Deakin University's Institute for Health Transformation, though its Global Obesity Centre, has partnered with community leaders in the region to deliver the RESPOND initiative, supported by a $1.5 million NHMRC Project Partnership Grant and $2.6 million in partner contributions.

RESPOND (Reflexive Evidence and Systems interventions to Prevent Obesity and Non-communicable Disease) is led by Professor Steven Allender and aims to work with communities to help them identify their own community-specific actions to create healthier food environments and get local kids more active. 

Loving Child

Our Local Projects

Mansfield Respond is committed to providing thoughtful and tailored initiatives developed with members of our community to improve the lives of children and their families...

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