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Tomato Soup

Soup for Schools

The Respond Project involves local community members driving practical and positive changes from the ground up to assist with promoting the health and wellbeing of children and families.


Data collected in 2019, before the project began, showed approximately 11% of local boys and 12% of local girls are meeting the daily recommended serves of vegetables.

As such, a key goal of this group is to promote an increase in vegetable consumption among local children and from this the Soup for Schools project idea was born. An outline of the project is detailed below. 

Each week during term 3, a Mansfield Secondary College food technology class prepares a large batch of soup. The soup is delivered to one of the local primary schools to serve to their students for lunch. The children are provided with recipe cards and are encouraged to re-create the meal at home with their family or friends. 

There’s nothing more nurturing than a bowl of steaming soup made with love to unite a classroom, a school and even a community. 

So, how does it work?

Preparing the Soup

MSC Food Technology Students volunteer their time to make a large pot of soup (50 serves) each week of term 3.

Providing the Soup

The soup will then be provided to primary school students to have as their lunch meal on a rotating rostered day. The schools will receive a different soup at each rotation, with each dish including an abundance of vegetables.

Soup Schedule

For example; MPS will receive the servings of soup in week 1, St Mary’s in week 2, and Jamieson and Merrijig PS in the third week; this schedule will be repeated for the duration of term 3. 

Recipe Cards

Recipe cards of the soups will be provided to the participating students and they will be encouraged to take them home and re-create the recipes with their families. 

Chopping Vegetables

Looking for healthy recipes?

Mansfield Respond is committed to promoting the health and wellbeing of our community. Nutrition plays an integral role so we've included links to fantastic recipes for the whole family... 

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